April 21, 2019

A week of wonder

I've had the most amazing week! On Tuesday I was very lucky to be part of a very special trip to Kyoto that was organized by my wonderful sensei. We visited this gorgeous temple in the mountains at the outskirts of the city where we saw the location of the first green tea plantation in Japan. We got to try a cup and after that had beautiful lunch by the water. We then went into the city to experience a Maiko and Geisha dance performance at the theatre in Gion which was mesmerizing, especially the finale. We were very lucky to have absolutely perfect weather and we even got to experience the last of the Sakura blossoms in the city.

On Friday we got up really early and drove to Tateyama on the other coast, to travel the Alpen Route.  We got to see the 16m high snow wall, enormous ancient cedar trees and mind blowingly stunning views. We walked around on the top of Tateyama mountain in a complete whiteout until an opening in the clouds revealed the gorgeous winter landscape and we took a bath in the highest onsen of Japan which made us smell like sulphur all day. Traveling this gorgeous route was truly a once in a lifetime experience, if you ever have a chance to visit I would definitely recommend it, it has truly one of the most beautiful things we have seen here in Japan. 

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