March 28, 2012

Preparations and Presentations

I had two presentations to give in the past week s preparations were in order. On Wednesday I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Artistes Hudson Artists Association. They asked for a demonstration of my techniques so I had to prepare multiple pieces indifferent stages so I could demonstrate every step of the creation process. Luckily the pieces of my Boroughs project are the perfect size and I had several in different stages of production. Since my work is partially done on the computer I had to bring my laptop and projector as well, it almost felt like I was moving again with the amount of stuff that ended up in the car for the drive to Hudson.  

With the exception of some minor computer glitches the presentation went great, the Hudson Artist Association is a great bunch of people and they made me feel very welcome. Everyone was very interested and the time flew by. I was really surprised that I managed to fill 1 hour and 15 minutes just talking about my process. I had a great evening and met some amazing new people so all in all a very successful evening. 

When I gave my image transfer course at Viva Vida Art Gallery February a couple of people asked me if I could give a demonstration on how to use epoxy resin on your artwork. So on Monday a crowd of 20 people had gathered at Viva Vida Art Gallery to see me wield my blowtorch, probably secretly hoping I would set my artwork on fire ;-)) Luckily no fires were set and the demonstration was a huge success. Doing a demo on epoxy resin required some planning and preparations, especially because the process is very time sensitive. We ended up splitting the evening up in two parts with a nice coffee break in between. This allowed me to go over the process first and demonstrate it after the break. Having the food and drink out of the way for the demonstration was important as well because epoxy resin fumes are never healthy. To make sure everyone was safe we provided dust masks for everyone which was quite a funny sight. More picture of the evening can be found here. 

Now that all the presentations are done I’ll be able to start work on the next piece in the ‘Journey’ series. The pieces of my Boroughs Project that were part of the demonstration on Wednesday will have to stay like this for a little while longer, just until after the first class of my next image transfer course, which is due to start in the second or third week of April. This will give me plenty of time to work on some other pieces in the meantime and maybe even start photographing the rest of the Boroughs.

March 19, 2012

Back in Business!

I feel like it’s been ages since my last post. After two weeks of moving madness I’m finally back in business and ready to go! My new studio space is ready to go, my computers have been connected to the interwebs and my office space is in some sort of working order. Over all the move has gone very smoothly, we had tons of help and after just one week most of the boxes have been unpacked and there are only two rooms that still need work, the rest of the house is as good as done! About time too because I am more then ready to get back to work! I can’t wait to start working in my new studio, it’s awesome! I have so much space, my very own sink and twice as much table space then I used to have. We’ve solved the lighting issue with some well places daylight lamps but I was actually surprised by the amount of natural light I do get. I placed my easel to catch as much of it as possible and my beautiful new easel lamp makes up for the rest. 

I’ll spend this morning getting back up to speed on the things I’d been working on before the move. I had several pieces in different stages of development and there are a couple of finished pieces that still need to be photographed. I also have to start preparing for my artist demonstration this Wednesday at the Artistes Hudson Artists Association, the pieces I’ll be working on are already in the proper stages of the process so I’ll just have to fine tune everything. I’ll also have to start thinking about the resin demo I’ll be giving at Viva Vida Art Gallery on March 26th. Working with resin always requires some upfront planning, especially if I have to do it on location. On march 31st at 7pm and April 14th at 3pm the artists of the ‘Art and Architecture’ exhibit at Fleurbain will be talking about their work, the talks will be followed by a group discussion. 

There is still time to come and see the two group shows I’m involved in this month. ‘Women in Art’ will be up at the Ward-Nasse Gallery until March 31st. the show is open to the public Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sundays from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm at 178 Prince Street NY-NY. ‘Art and Architecture’, can be seen at Fleurbain until April 14th. The show is open to the public Tuesdays to Saturdays from 3-6 pm or by appointment at 460 St Catherine Street West, Unit 917, Montreal, QC.