June 25, 2013

Time is running out!

As I type this there are 42 hours left on my  Indiegogo campaign. We’re very close to meeting our goal so if you’ve thought about helping out now would be the time! Please consider making a donation, your support would be much appreciated! 

I really don't like asking for money and I understand that you must be getting sick of me promoting this thing by now but this project is really important to me and since I'm not allowed to apply for any grants this is the only way for me to raise the funds to undertake a project like this. 

Making a donation is easy, If you would like to contribute you can follow this link (http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/montreal-artbook-discoveries-montreal/x/3136421) and click on the ‘contribute now’ button on the right. Contributions start as low as $5,- and donators can receive awesome thank you gifts ranging from personalized cards and hight quality prints to acknowledgements in the book and signed copies. There are set donation amounts for each 'Perk' (thank you gift) but you can enter any amount you wish to donate and don't forget to select your 'Perk' after you've entered the amount! For shipping we ask that you add the appropriate amount (as stated with each reward) to your donation manually when you enter the amount you wish to donate. If I see you often or you live close by you don’t have to add the shipping because we can probably figure out a way for you to receive your gift directly :) Payments can be made through credit card or PayPal and amounts will be automatically converted to your own currency.

I hope you will consider helping out and making a donation. This is the final count down, let’s make this happen together! 

Thank you!