November 04, 2013

A week off, sort off....

After all the hard work finishing my latest series, the book and the preparations for the show I’ve decided that a couple of days off would be amazing. A little time to recharge and rest are vey welcome after a crazy period of finishing and self publishing a book and organizing a show. Although somehow I can’t quite manage to absolutely nothing, I’m obviously writing this blog post and I had some minor updates for the site this morning. I still have a couple of Indiegogo perks to send out and I ‘m teaching a transfer class at Viva Vida Art Gallery at the moment so there are always some preparations for that as well. So I still get up early in the morning and do a little here and there but I’m taking some r&r time as well :) 

So this week we’re keeping this post nice an short. Below is a nice little overview of the show at Viva Vida Art Gallery, if you haven’t seen it yet there still a couple of days left, it runs until this Thursday, November 7th, books are also available for sale at the gallery. 

Successful Show!

I want to start off by thanking everyone who came out to the vernissage this past Friday, all of you being there made the event a big success! Also a big THANK YOU to Viva Vida Art Gallery for exhibiting Discoveries: Montreal’ and to musical guests Laur Fugère and Sylvain Poirier for making the vernissage extra special with their amazing performance. We had an amazing turnout and the work showed incredibly well, it was like the project was designed for this space!

Luckily the book made it in time, it came in the day before the show and it looks awesome! I’m very happy with the look and feel of the book, all the hard work and patience has paid off! 
I spent Thursday evening signing all the copies for my IndieGoGo backers so for those of you who were unable to pick up their copies on Friday, your copies will be sent out soon.

On Friday morning we loaded everything in the car to get everything ready for the show. I had everything pretty well planned out so hanging everything took us only two and a half hours which was a good thing because I still had to drive to downtown to pick up the book marks I had printed for the occasion. 

The vernissage was very well attended and we made quite a few sales on the evening itself and the days following the event. For those of you who are interested in seeing the pieces in real life, buying the book or ordering giclee prints

of pieces of this series, the show will be up until November 7th 2013 at Viva Vida Art gallery (278-2 Lakeshore Road in Pointe Claire). More images of the event can be found here.