July 29, 2013

It is done...

It is done... I have finished the final piece in the series this past Friday and all that is left now is varnishing them, putting some wires on and they’re all ready for the exhibit. This means that I can now fully focus on finishing the book. I’ve put them up on my studio wall for now and it is really nice to see them all together like this. I’ve been working on them for such a long time that it is kind of weird that they are all finished now. Luckily I still have another commission piece to finish and the book to work on so there is in no way a big deep hole of nothingness to deal with, which is a good thing after an extensive project like this. 

 I am expecting to receive the translation of the first part of the text back today, which means I can start work on the design. After the pieces have all been varnished I can photograph them so they can be added to the book, this also means that the giclee prints for the Indiegogo campaign can be set in motion. 

I’ve still not decided on a printer yet, I’ve sent out another quote request just now so I hope to be able to make some final decisions on that soon. 

This week I will be focusing on the final rewrites, if the weather stays nice I might even be able to work outside for a change, this is usually not really a possibility with the kind of artwork I do so that will be a nice treat!

July 22, 2013

Final Piece!!!

It is time to start painting the final piece! I’m so excited to finish this series and see it all come together! I’ll also be doing some varnishing this week so all pieces will be ready to photograph over the weekend, so next week I can start adding them to the book. 

The first part of the text for the book has been send in for proofreading and translation. The second part needs to go through one more rewrite, my editor and I have decided that it needs a bit more tweaking to make it as good as it can be. 

Slowly but surely everything is coming together. 

Earlier this month I was honoured to with a Special Recognition Award in the ‘CityScapes 2013’ exhibit at the Light Space & Time Online Gallery for my piece Rome I. There were almost 500 entries into this competition so I am very pleased with the result. 

Now it’s time to head into the studio to start working on that final piece! :D

July 15, 2013

Painting, painting and more painting...

Last week I managed to finish one of the four final borough pieces, mainly because I messed up one of the gel skins for the commission piece I was working on. I had to redo the skin which meant that I had some time to do a bit of painting :) I finished the piece on ‘Ville Marie’ and got about half way with the ‘Villeray - Saint-Michel -  Parc Extension’ piece. I will finish that one first before moving on to that commission piece. This week is going to be totally focused on painting, except for Wednesday when I’m meeting with my editor to finish the text for the book. I hope to be able to finish at least one more borough as well as the commission piece. It will be nice to be working in the studio during this heat wave, my studio is in the basement so it’s nice and cool :)

I’ve added a nice addition to my studio space over the weekend in the form of a large table. It was left behind by the builders in our street and the surface was a bit worse for ware but we gave it some TLC over the weekend and now it looks absolutely awesome! and it gives me a nice large surface to work on :D

So now that you are all up to date on my plans for this week it’s time to head into the studio and set them in motion because those paintings are not going to finish themselves ;-)

July 09, 2013

Final Pieces..

Yesterday I finished the transfer for the final piece in the series. At this point I have 4 pieces that are waiting to be painted and then it’s done, finished, finito! It is nice to be able to see the finish line, I’ve had this pile of empty panels in my studio for such a long time and now that pile is finally gone, no more empty panels. Actually that’s not quite true because there’s always empty panels lying around in my studio but you know what I mean.

This week I have some commissions to finish so there’s probably not going to be too much time to start painting these final pieces but next week I should be able to have a nice long painting sprint and finish at least 2 of them. I can’t wait, it’s exciting!

I’m excited to finish the series, it will be good to see all of the pieces together and I also like to be able to start finishing the book. I still enjoy working on the pieces very much but it is also going to be nice to have some time to experiment and start something new, I’ve so many ideas bouncing around in my head! 

This week I’ll be dropping off some new pieces at Viva Vida Art Gallery and I’m having a meeting to talk about an opportunity for a show of ‘Discoveries: Montreal’. As soon as I have more information on that I will of course let you know :)

July 03, 2013

Successful Campaign!

My Indiegogo campaign was a success! I am so grateful to all the people who have contributed and to everyone who has shared and promoted the campaign, thank you all! I’m truly blown away by your generosity and support! I’ve already started sending out the first ‘Perks’. 

Work on the boo is in full swing, texts are being edited and layouts are being designed. The book is expected to come out in the fall of 2013. There will be an official book launch which will coincide with the vernissage for the show. 

I am currently working on the final four pieces in the series, all composition work has been completed and this week is going to be dedicated to doing most of the transfers for these final pieces. There are a couple of commission pieces I am working on as well so I’ll have to divide my time but a bit of diversity is never a bad thing :)