December 01, 2015

Photo fun!

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Preparations for The Artist Project 2016 are in full swing! Yesterday I had a great photo session with fellow artists Jono Dorion and Louis-Bernard St-Jean. We got some great promo shots and some hilarious misses as well, it was great fun! Soon we will be sending out press releases so fingers crossed for some coverage!

Last week I worked on the compositions for those 17 paintings that I still have to finish before the show. As I type this, 12 lovely panels are awaiting their first layer of gesso, only 12 you say? What happened to the other 4? Well, if I want to be able to move around in my studio and get some other work done while these panels are drying, I'm going to have to leave some room on the floor. So after I finish prepping these 12, I will move onto the final 4. I can't wait to start painting! Like I said in my last post, no rest for the wicked! :D