February 23, 2015

Almost, almost, almost!

Almost, almost, almost! It is almost time for me to get my studio space back! Mr. renovation guy is working on the final finishing touches as I type this! This makes me happy, happy, happy!!!

Most of my stuff has been moved back into the studio so it looks pretty good already! And as of tomorrow I will have access to my water again so I don't have to walk up the stairs with my dirty brushes which is Awesome!!!

I cannot wait to get back to work! I have so many pieces that are waiting for me, I am going to be working like a mad women in the upcoming weeks!

Not that I've been sitting on my hands these past few weeks, oh no, no, no! I have been super busy with my new product line. I now have over a 100 items in my Etsy store, with new one's being added every day! And I have been visiting some stores in Montréal with grey success as well. Soon the McCord museum boutique will sell my cellphone cases, pillow cases and scarves next to the books, cards and prints they were already selling! And later this week I have an appointment to talk to the Boutique of the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montreal which is pretty exciting.

I finally received my samples and everything looks so cool! I ams really, really happy with how everything came out!

I've also spent some time looking for additional gallery representation and applying to shows, yes, it's that time of year again! Now I have to be patient and wait at least till the end of March until I hear back from all of them so fingers crossed!

Oh and I almost forgot, I had a super fun time giving an artist talk at the Lakeshore Artist Association earlier this month!