September 09, 2020

Curbside: Exhibiting Art in the time of Covid


Two weeks ago my work was on display at Viva Vida Art Gallery as part of their series of 'Curbside' exhibitions, a series of outdoor exhibitions throughout August and September. In this inventive series Viva Viva Vida Art Gallery owner Nedia El Khouri decided to bring their exhibitions outside on the sidewalk so people can experience art in in a safe environment during these difficult times. 

We had an absolute blast! It was so much fun to connect with people both on Friday night's vernissage event as well as over the weekend when I spent time painting outside. So many old and new friends and collectors came by to see the work and have a chat, it was wonderful to see people having a drink one the terrace across the street and wandering over afterwards because seeing me work peeked their interest.  

I even got to catch up with some dear friends from Japan! Seeing them warmed my heart and made the country that I miss dearly feel just a little closer. 

Last week the lovely Christine Long from CTV visited the gallery to do a story on this most recent series of exhibitions at Viva Vida Art Gallery. We chatted about this brilliant opportunity to share my work in an environment where people feel safe. You can view the full tv article here or by clicking on the image below. 

August 24, 2020

Plenty of New things to enjoy in good old Montréal!


Moving to a different country always brings lots of new things and even though Montréal is a familiar place for us, there are still plenty of new things to enjoy. I will be moving into my new studio space in early October and we just acquired our very own Art Bus! From now on we can deliver Artwork in style!

And, of course there is my new solo exhibition at Viva Vida Art Gallery, 'Curbside' will be running until this upcoming Thursday (August 27, 2020). 

We had a wonderful opening night event on Friday and over the weekend the beautiful weather allowed me to paint outside the gallery both days. I had a blast meeting new collectors and catching up with friends from both Canada and Japan!

The exhibition is still running until the end of the week so if you would like to go see some beautiful new pieces from Japan you can visit Viva Vida Art Gallery in Pointe Claire village and don't worry, if the rain comes, the pieces will still be on display inside!