March 28, 2016

So many paintings, so little time!

I've been tucked away in my studio working on some new pieces. Currently I'm working on 5 pieces in the studio and, while I'm waiting for my gel skins to dry, I'm working on a couple of new compositions on the computer as well. 

I always like to work on multiple pieces at the same time, not only is it more efficient but I also find it to be inspiring and invigorating. Working this way gives me this, sort of nervous energy, I want to finish each piece as soon as possible because I'm so excited about them and I want to see the finished artwork!

I constantly feel like I haven't created enough, there's always more paintings to make! They're all floating around in my head waiting for a moment to be set free, I always feel like I'm running behind. That's probably why I tent to get restless and start feeling off when I haven't been able to spend much time in the studio for a while. 

That's why my post will be short and sweet today, no time, no time! Got to get back to my studio and paint!

March 22, 2016

Spring is going to be productive!

Last week I had the pleasure of being one of 10 artists to be invited on stage at the Business Skills for Creative Souls Artists Conference organized by Yes Montreal to present a 60 second pitch about my art. It was an amazing experience to speak about my art in front of so many people and to meet and chat with many of them afterwards.

Now I'm finally back in the studio to work on some new photo based mixed media paintings. I'm very excited about these upcoming pieces! I'm working with a new batch of textured paper that I brought back from Holland two weeks ago and it is awesome!

I've five compositions of New York ready to go and I jus started working on some new compositions of Toronto. While in Holland I also had a chance to shoot some pictures in The Hague so that's another city that's coming up soon! I have some amazing movement shots and the sun was out so some amazing shadows too! I'm also looking forward to finally start working on some pieces of San Diego and LA, using images from my trip in November last year. So many ideas floating around in my head, spring is going to be productive this year!