February 29, 2016

Awesomeness at the Artist Project!

The Artist Project 2016 was absolutely amazing! I was blown away by the generosity and knowledgeability of the visitors. I received so many lovely words about my work and had many, many awesome conversations over the weekend. 

The organization was flawless from start to finish, although our trip to Toronto was made somewhat difficult by the huge snow and ice storm that had decided to it was about time to fall on Tuesday. Luckily my lovely hubby is an amazing driver, he got us and our trailer filled with art at the Better Living Centre in Toronto on time and in one piece! 

Setting up the booth went pretty flawless, although I have to say that my engineer hubby had a LOT to do with that. He's very handy to have around when measurements, drills and hardware are concerned :D 

Opening night was overwhelming but super fun! I saw a lot of wide eyed people who seemed somewhat overwhelmed. There were so many things going on, about 300 artists  exhibiting, cool installations, music, performance art, fancy drinks and snacks and of course loads of fancy people!

I was so happy that 14 of my paintings found loving new homes at The Artist Project 2016. It was so nice to be able to talk to every new collector and personally congratulate them on adding an amazing new piece of art to their collection. I even had the honour of one of my pieces starting off the art collection of a teenage boy, amazing! 

Now that we're safely back in Montréal it is time to gear up for the next event, a presentation at the Business Skills for Creative Souls Artists' Conference organized by Yes Montréal, but more on that in next weeks blogpost. In the mean time, if you were unable to attend The Artist Project 2016, here's a little video!


February 08, 2016

Final preparations! Don't forget, I'm going to be in booth 222!

Today is the start of the final week of preparations for the Artist Project and I am ready! All the paintings have been painted, booth layouts have been designed, bio's have been written and prices have been tagged. I will be spending the week playing around with plastic wrap and bubble corners, making sure all my paintings are securely wrapped for transport next week. 

Tomorrow I'm picking up a couple of extra pieces from Viva Vida Art Gallery, in case things go really, really well. Fingers crossed! I also have to prepare for some upcoming interviews later this week and early next week.

On Friday February 12th, 2016 Jono DorionLouis-Bernard St-Jean and I will be interviewed on The Friday Morning after on CKUT radio between 8am and 9am.

On Monday February 15th, 2016 Jono DorionLouis-Bernard St-Jean and I will be interviewed by Camille Ross, live on Morning News on Global TV Montréal at 7:20am

If you can't make it to the Artist Project you can keep an eye on my Facebook page and my Instagram and Twitter feed where I will be posting pictures and updates from the show floor. So make sure you are following me there! I am TheArtistAbroad on Instagram and @Artist_Abroad on Twitter. 

If you would like to know some more detailed information about the Artist Project you can click here. And don't forget, you can get a nice discount on you tickets if you use Promo Code BUISMANP16. 

February 01, 2016

Support from the local press and a peek behind the scenes.

Denise Buisman Pilger, Jono Dorion and Louis-Bernard St Jean

Can you believe it! January is already over! The countdown has really started now, it's only 18 days until the start of the Artist Project, I'm excited! Last week we received some great support from Anthony Bonaparte at the Suburban newspaper, you can read the article here.  

I also met up with my partners in crime, Jono Doiron and Louis-Bernard St-Jean, to work on creating some bubblewrap pouches to use when transporting our work, fun times! I'm very happy to have such a great team to work with on the preparations for the show! Thanks guys, go team!

Louis-Bernard St Jean and Jono Dorion

Although I'm not creating regular v-logs at the moment I did create a new video to give you a look behind the scenes. If you are curious what happens in my artist studio and how I create my paintings you can check out this video. It gives you a look at the creation of my epic 48"x108" triptych 'Motion', which was part of my solo exhibition 'Viewfinder' early last year.  Enjoy!

And don't forget! I'm going to be in booth 222 at the Artist Project from February 18-21, use Promo Code BUISMANP16 to get a discount on tickets!