July 21, 2015

I love Summer!

I love Summer! Summer means Art festivals which means I get to emerge from my studio and interact with actual humans! This year I already traveled to Ottawa and Kingston with my work and in September I get to go all the way to Toronto for the Queen West Art Crawl, more information on that will follow at a later date! 

Summertime in MontrĂ©al is truly an amazing experience! There are festivals and events all over the city! My personal favourite is the Just for Laughs festival, which is going on right now! For two whole weeks famous comedians can be spotted all over the city and you can go see comedy almost 24 hour a day! Tonight the amazing Weird Al Yankovic is giving a free concert and on Saturday we have tickets to see Chris Hardwick perform his 'Funcomfortable tour' at the Olympia theatre! I always listen to the Nerdist podcast in my studio so I'm pretty excited for that one!

Summer does not only bring fun stuff to my local city it's also convention season! Something you might not know about me is that I am a bit of a geek. I read fantasy novels, watch Doctor Who with a passion and I'm a gamer so convention season is a big deal in our house! We keep up with the latest news from San Diego Comiccon, E3 and Origins and every year we drive almost 3000 kilometres to Indianapolis and back to attend the biggest board gaming convention in the world, GenCon!

So, although I'm still working on stuff in my studio, I'm also enjoying all the awesomeness summer has to bring! What are your summer highlights?

July 14, 2015

Time to catch my breath!

After a crazy start of the year things are finally settling down here! I've has such a crazy couple of months! So many things have happened but now, finally, things are a little more quiet, not too quiet, we wouldn't want that! But just a little, just enough for me to catch my breath.

I feel like the year has just started and all of a sudden it's summer, it's hot and humid but my new basement studio is nice and cool and we have a pool now! After my work day I can take a nice relaxing swim and float around on my airbed with a good book, I feel very spoiled! 

So what else has been happening these past couple of weeks? well on June 20-21 we were in Ottawa for the New Art Festival, with a little rain and tons of other festivals going on in the city it wasn't too too busy but we still had a good turnout. It was a great weekend filled with awesome people and amazing art! I was very happy with my new booth and n particular my new vignette display! (see pics, it's on the left side of my booth).

From July 1-4 I was in City Park in lovely Kingston for Artfest Kingston. This was the first time I did a festival by myself and I have to say it's hard work! You make long, long days, coming in at 7am to set up, then work the fair until it closes at 6pm and then you still have to take the stuff that you don't want to leave overnight and take it to your car again. Yes, those were long, long days but I had so much fun! I met some amazing people and I got to spend some time in lovely Kingston, which is stunning! 

Again I was very happy with my booth, this was the first time I had brought my pillows and scarves to an event like this and they were a huge hit! The pillows are so soft and cuddly, I kept enticing people to touch them! 

My next fair is not until September so I'm going to have a little time to relax and get ready for the Queen West Art Crawl! I'm super excited to be taking my work to Toronto again! But before that time  I'm going to have to finish a commission piece and start planning some new compositions. I want to get back to the studio and paint! Oh I have so, so many plans! 

Now that things have quieted down I'm sure I'll have more time to write regular posts again so keep an eye on this page for the latest updates!