March 11, 2013

Painting Sprint

Winter is finally starting in ernest with the first winter storm dumping snow and freezing rain on the island of Montreal. Although Montreal is being covered by a blanket of ice and snow, in my studio the boroughs of the island city are still soaking up the summer sunshine. I made sure to take all of my picture in the spring, summer and early autumn to keep the weather similar across the entire project. It’s a nice bonus that it brings the memories of summer when I work on the compositions. 

The project is coming along nicely. Last week was dedicate to creating compositions, by the end of the week I had completed four of them and I had a while pile of work for the ladies at the copy store. Today I’ll apply the gel to all of this copies and I’lll start work on transferring two earlier compositions that have been drying for a while. If all goes according to plan I will be able to finish two more pieces this week. After a week of screen work I’m very much looking forward to spending a week in the studio. 

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