March 11, 2013

Les Journées de la culture.

This upcoming weekend is the the perfect time to come out and experience some art. Les Journées de la culture are coming up and everywhere in Quebec there will be opportunities to view and experience art. 

Since 1997, les Journées de la culture have been held on the last Friday of September and on the two following days, as decreed by the National Assembly of Québec. A vast culture happening in large cities and small towns, les Journées de la culture aim to raise awareness about the importance and the need for greater access to arts and culture for all citizens in over 300 Québec communities in Québec. 

Les Journées are carried out voluntarily by artists, workers and cultural organizations, who, during the three days of the event, offer free activities so citizens can explore the hidden side of art and culture. Our rich and welcoming demonstrations, hands-on workshops, conferences and guided tours build simple and warm relationships between artists, cultural workers and their fellow citizens. 

At Viva Vida Art Gallery in Pointe Claire we will be celebrating Les Journées de la culture in style. we will star off with a Vernissage on Friday September 28th featuring the works of: Gordon Pym, George Hsiung, Barbara Simmons, Heather Boyd, Denise Buisman Pilger, Patricia Srigley, Susan Weaver and Patricia Morris. We are hoping to welcome everyone from 7-9pm this Friday.

On Sunday there will be a series of free artist demonstrations and workshops. From 10am to 4pm artists will be working at the gallery and you will have to opportunity to try you hand at a range of different techniques and styles. We hope to see you all there!  The schedule is as follows:

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