March 11, 2013

Let it Snow!

It is almost time for the Let it Snow exhibit that will be held by the Montreal Art Centre from January 17th-31st. The vernissage for this exhibit, which is free to the public, will be held this Thursday, January 17th, from 5-9pm. A lot of the artists will be there to chat about their work. It will be an amazing opportunity to escape the winter weather and enjoy some beautiful art and great company. The Montreal Art Center is located at 1844 William Street, Montreal, Quebec, I hope to see you there this Thursday!

Last week has been a busy week when it comes to composition creation, I’ve managed to finish 4 compositions for my Discoveries; Montreal (Montreal Boroughs) project which means that I have only got 9 composition left to create. In total the amount of pieces that still need to be finished is 17 so I’m getting there. 

This week I’ll mostly be working in my studio, I have one more piece that is just awaiting the final layers of paint and three pieces that would love to be transferred. The four compositions I finished last week are all ready to receive their layers of gel. Plenty of work waiting for me there :)

I’ve also added some small affordable pieces of art to my Etsy store. These little vignettes of famous Italian cities are a great opportunity to own some original artwork and support your favourite artist ;-)

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