March 11, 2013

Back in the studio :D

Last week most of my time was spent behind the computer catching up with emails and paperwork and working on the composition for a particularly challenging commissioned piece. This week however I will finally be back in the studio! :D I have so many transfers waiting for me, I can’t wait to dive in! I want to complete at least two more borough pieces this week and hopefully I get to do another composition as well. I also picked up some nice new panels at Wallacks in Ottawa yesterday so there is some prep work that needs to be done on those. There are at least 5 borough pieces that are waiting for their layers of varnish and that little experiment I’m working on won’t complete itself ;) 

Luckily I have a whole bunch of podcasts lined up to keep me company :) I need silence when I’m working on my compositions but when I’m in the studio I love to put on a podcast. The Nerdist Podcast is one of my favourites but I also like to listen to the Nerdist writers panel, NPR’s Fresh Air, the Thrilling Adventure Hour and CBC’s Spark. I’ve got some other podcasts I listen to together with my husband, things like the Dice Tower and GeeksOn and I’m still looking for a good podcast on art so if you have any tips I’d love to hear them! But for now I’ve got a whole bunch of Nerdists that I haven’t listened to yet so I’m really looking forward to getting to the studio and doing some serious painting! :D

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