July 15, 2013

Painting, painting and more painting...

Last week I managed to finish one of the four final borough pieces, mainly because I messed up one of the gel skins for the commission piece I was working on. I had to redo the skin which meant that I had some time to do a bit of painting :) I finished the piece on ‘Ville Marie’ and got about half way with the ‘Villeray - Saint-Michel -  Parc Extension’ piece. I will finish that one first before moving on to that commission piece. This week is going to be totally focused on painting, except for Wednesday when I’m meeting with my editor to finish the text for the book. I hope to be able to finish at least one more borough as well as the commission piece. It will be nice to be working in the studio during this heat wave, my studio is in the basement so it’s nice and cool :)

I’ve added a nice addition to my studio space over the weekend in the form of a large table. It was left behind by the builders in our street and the surface was a bit worse for ware but we gave it some TLC over the weekend and now it looks absolutely awesome! and it gives me a nice large surface to work on :D

So now that you are all up to date on my plans for this week it’s time to head into the studio and set them in motion because those paintings are not going to finish themselves ;-)

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