July 22, 2013

Final Piece!!!

It is time to start painting the final piece! I’m so excited to finish this series and see it all come together! I’ll also be doing some varnishing this week so all pieces will be ready to photograph over the weekend, so next week I can start adding them to the book. 

The first part of the text for the book has been send in for proofreading and translation. The second part needs to go through one more rewrite, my editor and I have decided that it needs a bit more tweaking to make it as good as it can be. 

Slowly but surely everything is coming together. 

Earlier this month I was honoured to with a Special Recognition Award in the ‘CityScapes 2013’ exhibit at the Light Space & Time Online Gallery for my piece Rome I. There were almost 500 entries into this competition so I am very pleased with the result. 

Now it’s time to head into the studio to start working on that final piece! :D

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