July 29, 2013

It is done...

It is done... I have finished the final piece in the series this past Friday and all that is left now is varnishing them, putting some wires on and they’re all ready for the exhibit. This means that I can now fully focus on finishing the book. I’ve put them up on my studio wall for now and it is really nice to see them all together like this. I’ve been working on them for such a long time that it is kind of weird that they are all finished now. Luckily I still have another commission piece to finish and the book to work on so there is in no way a big deep hole of nothingness to deal with, which is a good thing after an extensive project like this. 

 I am expecting to receive the translation of the first part of the text back today, which means I can start work on the design. After the pieces have all been varnished I can photograph them so they can be added to the book, this also means that the giclee prints for the Indiegogo campaign can be set in motion. 

I’ve still not decided on a printer yet, I’ve sent out another quote request just now so I hope to be able to make some final decisions on that soon. 

This week I will be focusing on the final rewrites, if the weather stays nice I might even be able to work outside for a change, this is usually not really a possibility with the kind of artwork I do so that will be a nice treat!

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