January 28, 2011


Yesterday I finally finished my piece on Toronto, this is the big piece I’ve been talking about since November. It has taken way longer then I anticipated, partially because of the holidays and also because it is a big piece and it just took some more time to finish it.

I’ve been working on it nonstop for the past two days and it has made me so very happy! That’s not unusual, I am often happy when I finish a piece but this piece has been special. Somehow it felt right and I’ve has so much fun working on it. It came out exactly like I had in mind, or maybe I’m phrasing that wrong. The piece has the exact feel that I was going for. Yeah, that’s a better description. 

Most of the time when I start I piece, I will have a clear idea about where it needs to go. For this piece that Idea was particularly strong. Now I’ve had strong ideas before and most of the time it doesn’t work out for many different reasons. But this piece just fell into place, like it just had to be. 

Working on a big canvas has been great as well, it just feels different when you have a nice big space to work with. It did bring it’s own unique challenges but they were relatively easy to overcome. I will definitely be doing more big pieces in the future. That being said, I’m now going to work on my abstract piece and then I’ll be working on my yellow cab series. Both will be on small surfaces but that’s good, it gives me some time to consider my next big project before jumping in.

To see my new piece go to http://denisebuismanpilger.com and visit my Mixed Media/Traveling the World Gallery

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