January 12, 2011

Artistic Frustrations

Six empty wood panels and 198 possible pictures to use, you would think I’d be more then ready to start my Yellow Cab project. Instead I’ve spend the morning cleaning up my desktop, to be fair, this was desperately needed so not a total waste of time but not what I intended to do with my day. 

This week was supposed to be devoted to my Yellow Cab project but this project is turning out to be way more challenging then I thought it would be Partially because it has multiple panels and partially because I’ve got it into my head that I want to do something a bit more abstract. I don’t want to be making street views using the cabs as elements, I want something different and therein lies the challenge.

Another problem with this project is that I use this acrylic gel transfer technique which forces me to a pretty long waiting period between the printing and sorting of the elements and the actual construction of the piece. And because I want to do something a bit more abstract I want to use the transparency of the acrylic gel pieces. Problem is that that transparency only becomes apparent after about a week time and a whole lot of work. So while I can sort through my pictures and combine them in my head, I can’t actually see how it will look until I’ve printed, copied and gelled the pieces, waited for a week for the gel to dry, removed the paper and let them dry again. 

So now I’m frustrated, I have many pictures I want to use, but because I have multiple panels I’m afraid I will use either to many or too few per panel. And I have too many different ideas in my head fighting to make it into this series. I’m also frustrated with the title of my series, maybe I should rename it and not only use yellow cabs, I’ve got tons of great pictures of subway stations and street scenes, police cars and fire trucks. But then I’d only give myself more pictures to work with, which would only increase my frustration. Then again, if I don’t, this little voice in the back of my mind, will keep nattering on about those other great pictures I could be using.  

Now to be fair, I’ve already got one panel sorted, sort of, I think. The prints are at the copy place right now, so maybe it would be wise to wait for those and see where this first panel will take me. That might make it easier to start on the other ones. I do have one other little canvas waiting for this other abstract idea I had a while back. This way I’ll take the pressure off this project, play it safe by finishing one panel before working on the next one and I’ll still stay within this more abstract frame of mind that I want to be working in. Yes, I think I’ve found the solution, I’ll start work on this other project instead.

See, I’m not procrastinating when I write this blog, I’m making up my mind!

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