April 14, 2014

Creative Ramblings #7: How to prepare your canvas or wood panel for painting.

Ah, an all new Creative Ramblings video! If you’ve been wondering how to best prepare your canvas or wood panel, check out this new episode to find out! No more SID and lots of tooth!

Last week has been a very artful week! I attended two amazing art events, on Thursday Montreal ArtBomb celebrated its 1 year anniversary with a lively Art Marketplace event at the E.K. Voland Art Gallery. All the tickets were sold so it was a very busy evening! I talked to loads of amazing artists some of which were Dutch like me! I made some new friends and met the people who received my donated pieces, they were happy!, I was very glad to hear that! ;) And there was some amazing art to enjoy as well, I’m glad the artists were allowed to come 30 min before opening because after the opening the place was so crowded it was almost impossible to see the paintings!

On Friday evening Viva Vida Art Gallery hosted a vernissage for Louise Lemieux Bérubé. I was very excited for this one, Louise’s work is absolutely stunning. She creates these amazing, huge textile pieces. Her work totally transforms the gallery! I made a little video of the evening which you can see below. But if you have a chance you should definitely check out this exhibition in person! It will be at the gallery until ...

This upcoming week I’m planning on getting some studio time! I’ve got a couple of pieces that are waiting to be finished, there are two commissions awaiting attention and I have a whole new series of direct transfers to do! I’m also looking forward to receiving a nice box full of new art supplies somewhere this week and I have a nice pile on new panels to prep. Loads of stuff to do! Back to the studio! Back to work! Whohooo! Have a happy week everyone! :D

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