April 21, 2014

5 websites every artist should know.

This week I’d like to share with you a couple of sites that provide some very useful information for artists. As an artist I’m always looking to improve the way I present myself to the world, website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, there are so many channels to get your work out there that it’s sometimes hard not to get lost. The following websites continue to provide a wealth of information.

This website offers a wide range of articles for both artists an collectors, here you can find some great information about anything related to your art career. The site is created by Alan Bamberger an art consultant, advisor, author, and independent appraiser. If you have any questions at all related to your art career this is a great place to start looking for answers.

Written by Jason Horesj, the owner of Xanedu gallery and writer of ‘Starving to Successful’, this blog covers a wide range of topics, all related to improving an artists career. Jason also releases frequent video podcasts that I like to listen to in the studio, I love to be learning while I paint although I do have to stop every once in a while to take notes ;-) I find his advice particularly valuable because of his perspective as both a gallery owner and son of a successful artist. 

Co-host of the monthly video podcasts by the previously mentioned Jason Horesj, Barney Davey writes frequent blogposts that relate to art marketing. He offers some great insights in things like writing blog posts, handling social media and creating a successful website. Barney’s background as an art marketing consultant makes his information incredibly valuable since marketing continues to be a very abstract concept that many artists struggle to comprehend. 

Another gallery owner turned blogger, Edward Winkleman offers us a peek behind the curtains of the illusive New York art scene. Although his posts do not always offer straight forward advice, following his blog will give you some very valuable information about the gallery world and the New York art scene in particular.   

Carolyn Edlund has 20 years of experience as a successful self-employed artist and she is the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute. Her blog not only offers great insights into the business of being an artist she also actively promotes artists on her blog, Facebook and Twitter feed. 

I wanted to share these sites because they have been, and continue to be, very valuable sources of information for me. I’m currently working on a redesign of my website based on information I’ve found on some of these sites. The internet changes every day so it is important that we change with it. If you have any websites that have helped you improve your art career please consider sharing them in the comments. I’d love to check them out! Have a wonderful week people!

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