April 14, 2014

Awesome News!

Good morning on this beautiful Monday! Spring has definitely arrived in Montreal! If I look out of the window I can see the first bits of grass peeking out from under the snow, it’s all still a bit brown and muddy but we’re getting there :) It will be nice to finally be able to open all the doors and windows without freezing!

I received some very, very good news last week, I got accepted into the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit! This means I’ll be traveling to Toronto in the first week of July to show my work on Nathan Phillips square! I’m super excited! this is a very difficult show to get into so I’m absolutely psyched that I got accepted! Now I’ll have to lock myself in the studio to make sure I have enough new pieces to bring to the show! :)

This week will be an exciting week, art wise. On Thursday we will celebrate the one year anniversary of Montreal ArtBomb with the Montreal ArtBomb Art Marketplace event that will take place at the E.K. Voland Art Gallery from 5-9pm. All the participating artists have donated one ore more 8”x8” artworks to the event. Everyone who buys a ticket will receive one of these pieces and during the event you’ll be able to trade these pieces with the other attendees so you have the best chances of getting the piece you love most! I have donated three artworks to this event (see picture below). There are only a limited amount of tickets left so make sure you follow this link and buy yours today! 

On Friday night there will be another exciting art event at Viva Vida Art Gallery, showing the works of award winning, international artist Louise Lemieux Bérubé. She creates these stunning, large textile pieces that incorporate photography, I can't wait to check out her work! The night will start off with some contemporary dance and there will be music and wine to enjoy as well so I hope you will join us for another fun night at this amazing Pointe Claire Gallery!

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