November 02, 2010

Ottawa; bring on the gel!

I have finally finished the puzzle phase of my next piece and dropped off the files at the copy shop. So this week it is time for some gel, although I am not sure how much gelling I will be able to get done this week since I will be game testing for Ubisoft the next three days as well as all the afternoons next week. But I hope to be able to get it done at least before the start of next week so I will be able to start on the finishing stage as soon as my game testing stint is done. 
I have been busy with some promotional stuff as well. As you all know I've been doing some research on websites and how to build one and I have decided to use iWeb so I will be starting with that soon. I also created a Facebook Fan page so to anyone who likes my work please visit my page and become a fan! 

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