November 22, 2010

On things that get in the way

My mind is a weird place, I get so caught up in stuff that there is simply nothing else I can think about. Here's the thing, I'm going to do this solo show in April 2011 and I got it into my head that I want to represent myself as a professional artist at that point. Not that I haven't been doing that up until now but there were some points that needed work to get everything to a certain level, things like a Facebook fan page and a proper website under my own domain name.

So when my Ottawa piece was at a drying stage I figured it would be a good time to start building my website. And I knew this would be a huge project and it's not like I have a close deadline or anything, April is months away and even that is just a deadline I set for myself it's not something that has to be finished in order for my show to be a success. My mind however, thought otherwise. Once I started building this thing I just couldn't stop, my mind just would'd let me. So when a week had passed and I could have started on finishing Ottawa my mind was like "NO!, you need to finish this website first!" So instead of getting myself into my studio I got back behind my computer and worked.

Another week has passed since that moment and here I am, behind my computer writing this blog. I can hear you thinking; "Is she going to procrastinate working on Ottawa again?" No, not this week, this week will be dedicated to finishing Ottawa and starting Toronto, my next project. Because my website is finished! it isn't up and running yet but that's just technical stuff, my mind isn't bothered by that. The designing of it is done and my mind has set me free, I can paint again! Ottawa has been patient, the gel is dryer then dry it's time to get to my studio and paint!

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