July 30, 2010

Gel, gel and some more gel

Those 53 pieces I was talking about, they came back from the copy shop so now its my turn again. The next couple of days I'll be gelling, gelling and then some more gelling. I bought me a nice 3.5 gallon bucket of acrylic gel so I should be good for a while. 
In the meantime I've been working on my Dutch Spring project which is coming along quite nicely I have to say. I might even be able to finish it today. In any case I will be able to show you guys something soon. For Quebec you will have to be a bit more patient though, that's going to take at least another 2 weeks.
I will be starting a new piece while I'm waiting for the gel to dry, working on two pieces at once has been a great experience so far so I'll keep doing that for a while I think.

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