June 08, 2010

Decided on the subject of my new piece

I have decided to do my next piece on Austin TX, this was the last city we visited before leaving the US for Canada and I've been wanting to do a piece about it ever since. I will be using an 18x36" canvas, I know I said that I would be doing some larger pieces but I just want to get a little more experience with this new technique and try out a couple of things before I go bigger. I want to see if I can go thin on my gel transfers and that is probably going to be harder as I go bigger so a bit more practice seems like the best way to go right now. 
The first thing I will be doing now is going through all my photographs of Austin and making a rough selection of the ones I might want to use. After that I will search for the one picture I definitely want to use and that will be my starting point, which doesn't necessarily mean that I will actually use that picture, sometimes my start out picture just doesn't fit any more as a piece develops.  
Next to all this I will be visiting some more galleries in Montreal early next week, to introduce myself and leave some materials. So I am updating my portfolio and artist packet so I will look good. Lets hope this round will be more productive then the one I did in November last year.

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