June 15, 2010

'Austin' out of the darkness and into the light

I've been working on my Austin piece all day and I have successfully conquered the doubt faze. As I am typing this my last print, a bit of a cobblestone street, has just rolled out of the printer. When I started this morning all of a sudden things became clear and all the pieces fell into place, well, not literally, I still had to do some work...
When I make a piece there are always two critical stages, the one I just went through and the finishing stage when the paints come out and all has to become one. That last stage is still a long way away though. First I will have to deconstruct the puzzle and mark all the pieces on the canvas so they can find their rightful spots when they have been transferred to the acrylic gel. I will be taking reference pictures during this faze in case I forget to mark something, I tend to be a bit chaotic. Then I will get all my pictures mirrored and copied and then I can begin the gelling.
This whole gel transfer process takes a while so in the meantime I can worry about the the canvas underneath the gel layers. I want to do something special with the sky and since I am using a layering technique I will have to apply anything that is visible behind the buildings first, before I reassemble the piece. So I'll be gelling and painting next

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