June 09, 2010

‘Austin’ second stage

I have just printed and cut the first two picture for my Austin painting and I am now at the usual doubt faze of the project. I always have this moment where I'm not sure about my choice of subject, I'm not sure if I have enough material and if I made the right pictures in the first place. This will last until I find a couple of pictures that seem to fit, then things will start to feel better and I will be able to be happy with my choices. For now that point seems like a long way away though.
In these early stages of a piece I will be making loads of prints that I'm probably not going to use because they're either to big or to small or they just don't fit in the piece. I have long since given up on trying to save on photo paper because somehow that just doesn't work, all the cutting out an physically placing the pieces on the canvas like a big puzzle is just a part of my creative process that I can't seem to do without.
So for now you can imagine me switching from office to studio all the time printing, cutting resizing and changing images until the pieces fall into place...

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