March 06, 2017

Time for a new adventure!

I have some exciting news to share, in a couple of months we are going to be jumping into a new adventure! We will pack up our household and move everything to Nagoya, Japan for the next 2-4 years!

The piece you see above has turned out to be a little prophetic. The images I used came from little Tokyo in LA, when we were walking below those red and white lanterns we had no idea that this adventure was in our future.

I am super excited to immerse myself in a new culture, dive into some new techniques and learn some Japanese! We've never been to Asia so there's going to be a huge culture shock waiting for us, but we're both really looking forward to this new adventure!

I won't be saying goodbye to Montréal until late June of this year and I have a couple of events scheduled before I leave so there will definitely be an opportunity to catch up with me before I leave. I will post some more information about my upcoming events soon!

If you have your eye on one of my pieces and you would like to add it to your collection before I move to the other side of the world shoot me an email, I'm sure we can work something out.

Changes like these are awesome but they also bring a lot of stress and tons of preparations so there might be some gaps in my posts in the upcoming months. If you're eager for information my Instagram (TheArtistAbroad) and Facebook Page are probably the places where I'll post the most updates.

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