March 22, 2017

Montréal and Toronto come say 'Sayonara' on April 7 & 8!

Only 13 weeks until I say Au Revoir Montréal and Konnichiwa Japan! If you would like a chance to say 'Sayonara' in person there will be two perfect opportunities coming up in April!

If you're in Montréal we will be opening 'Departure' my final solo-exhibition at Viva Vida Art Gallery on April 7th with a festive vernissage from 7-10pm (the exhibition will run from April 7-20)!  Having worked together since 2010, “Departure” will be my fifth and final solo exhibition at Viva Vida Art Gallery. As opposed to previous exhibitions, which all focused on individual bodies of work, this ‘salon style show’ will feature a variety of works. This provides a unique opportunity to get an insight into my development as an artist over the past eight years, and the influence our city has had on my artistic language.

“Denise Buisman Pilger is a very talented artist who has a great future in the art world. We would like to encourage everyone to take this final opportunity to view Buisman Pilger’s prolific artwork and to see a culmination of the works completed during her time in Montreal. In addition, this exhibition stands as a celebration of a wonderful collaboration between Viva Vida and the artist. We invite everyone to come meet Denise in person, and join us in bidding her an au revoir and farewell!” Says Gallery Director Nedia El Khouri

If you're in Toronto you will have a chance to come see me at the opening of my solo exhibition 'Cities Through My Eyes' at Latitude 44 Gallery on April 8 from 4-7pm (the exhibition will run from April 8-28)! This is going to be my first solo exhibition at Latitude 44 Gallery and I am very excited to share my most recent work in this beautiful space!

“With an extended stay in Japan coming, this will be a unique opportunity to see the influences that North America, and Canada in particular, have had on Denise’s work. We are looking forward to following her work in the upcoming years. It will be interesting to see its development as she starts exploring a whole new continent and culture.” Say Latitude 44 gallery directors MaryAnn DiBernardo and Janet DiBernardo.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to share my work with the wonderful people of Montréal and Toronto before my extended trip to Japan. Canada has been very good to me and this beautiful country will always hold a special place in my heart. I really hope everyone will join us for the special opening events at Viva Vida Art Gallery and Latitude 44 Gallery on April 7th & 8th so I have a chance thank you all for making me feel welcome and at home these past eight years!” 

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