February 01, 2016

Support from the local press and a peek behind the scenes.

Denise Buisman Pilger, Jono Dorion and Louis-Bernard St Jean

Can you believe it! January is already over! The countdown has really started now, it's only 18 days until the start of the Artist Project, I'm excited! Last week we received some great support from Anthony Bonaparte at the Suburban newspaper, you can read the article here.  

I also met up with my partners in crime, Jono Doiron and Louis-Bernard St-Jean, to work on creating some bubblewrap pouches to use when transporting our work, fun times! I'm very happy to have such a great team to work with on the preparations for the show! Thanks guys, go team!

Louis-Bernard St Jean and Jono Dorion

Although I'm not creating regular v-logs at the moment I did create a new video to give you a look behind the scenes. If you are curious what happens in my artist studio and how I create my paintings you can check out this video. It gives you a look at the creation of my epic 48"x108" triptych 'Motion', which was part of my solo exhibition 'Viewfinder' early last year.  Enjoy!

And don't forget! I'm going to be in booth 222 at the Artist Project from February 18-21, use Promo Code BUISMANP16 to get a discount on tickets!

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