February 29, 2016

Awesomeness at the Artist Project!

The Artist Project 2016 was absolutely amazing! I was blown away by the generosity and knowledgeability of the visitors. I received so many lovely words about my work and had many, many awesome conversations over the weekend. 

The organization was flawless from start to finish, although our trip to Toronto was made somewhat difficult by the huge snow and ice storm that had decided to it was about time to fall on Tuesday. Luckily my lovely hubby is an amazing driver, he got us and our trailer filled with art at the Better Living Centre in Toronto on time and in one piece! 

Setting up the booth went pretty flawless, although I have to say that my engineer hubby had a LOT to do with that. He's very handy to have around when measurements, drills and hardware are concerned :D 

Opening night was overwhelming but super fun! I saw a lot of wide eyed people who seemed somewhat overwhelmed. There were so many things going on, about 300 artists  exhibiting, cool installations, music, performance art, fancy drinks and snacks and of course loads of fancy people!

I was so happy that 14 of my paintings found loving new homes at The Artist Project 2016. It was so nice to be able to talk to every new collector and personally congratulate them on adding an amazing new piece of art to their collection. I even had the honour of one of my pieces starting off the art collection of a teenage boy, amazing! 

Now that we're safely back in MontrĂ©al it is time to gear up for the next event, a presentation at the Business Skills for Creative Souls Artists' Conference organized by Yes MontrĂ©al, but more on that in next weeks blogpost. In the mean time, if you were unable to attend The Artist Project 2016, here's a little video!


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