September 29, 2015

Fun with family!

Living as an Artist Abroad has many, many perks, I get to travel, a lot and I get to experience new cultures from the inside. But the are some down sides as well and one of those is being away from your friends and family. Luckily we get to travel back to Holland at least once a year and on top of that my family and friends come over to visit quite a bit too. My moms were here in the last week of August and just this past week my aunt and uncle visited from the Netherlands.

I always love these visits because it means I get to do all the fun stuff Montréal has to offer, like eat smoked meat at Schwartz and hang out at Jardin Nelson in the Old Port. My moms have been here quite a few times so they've seen all the major sights. That's why I took them for a drive through the Eastern Townships on their last visit.

For my aunt and uncle it was their first visit to MontrĂ©al so naturally we went to all the main sight. We were super lucky with the weather both for our trip to downtown as our trip to the Laurentides. It was so much fun to show them around the city! I've lived here long enough now that it is starting to feel a little bit like 'my city' and I like showing her off! 

One of the highlights of the week was our visit to the Jardin botanique where the yearly 'Gardens of Light' provide stunning scenes. Again the weather was amazing, warm, dry and almost no wind so the reflections in the water were flawless! If you haven't had a chance to see the 'Gardens of Light' for yourself you should definitely go seen them before November 1st. Oh and when you do, buy your tickets upfront on their website because the lined can get quite crazy and when you've already got your ticket you get to pass the line and enter right away! 

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