September 08, 2015

Being busy and colourful...

Things are busy, busy, busy, but... it's a good busy :D Basically, when you work as an artist full time, any busy is a good busy ;) The Queen West Art Crawl is only 4 days away! So preparations are in full  swing! Today I have to pick up a couple of new pillows that I ordered for the occasion, my pillows are produced by a company located in the Belgo building, so I'll have to make a 'quick' trip to downtown MontrĂ©al today :D

There are So many things to do before leaving for a show like this, there are paintings to pack, price tags to make, packaging supplies to find, oh so many things! And then there's the challenge of loading everything and the kitchen sink in one single car! Luckily we drive an SUV, but even then I'm not sure how we're going to fit everything! But that's a challenge for tomorrow, today I have to make sure I tag every single item off my list before packing it!

Before I do that though I Have to tell you about my weekend. On Saturday my husband and I participated in the Color Run night, this 5K (it was more 4.5K but oh well) was run on the Formula 1 circuit in downtown Montréal. You basically run the course while people throw coloured powder in your face, yes, this sounds insane and yes, you have to remember to keep you eyes and mouth closed when you're running, but it's really, really fun! We had a blast!

After the run there was a party with music and more coloured powder to throw, I felt like a living abstract painting afterwards! The trip back home in the metro was particularly entertaining. Leaving the track the metro was packed with fellow runners, all looking equally colourful, but the closer we got to home the more people were giving us very odd looks.

Leaving a trail of coloured powder we made it home and after a shower and some laundry only my running shoes have traces of coloured powder left. So now it's time to head back into the studio and cover myself in some new colours, we can't be looking too normal now can we? ;)

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