September 08, 2014

The 2nd Annual Arlington Festival of the Arts (Arlington, VA)

I need to work, work, work! In two weeks I am going to be part of the 2nd Annual Arlington Festival of the Arts (Arlington, VA) so I am going to need some new works to bring with me! Today I'm focusing on creating the compositions for a series of new City Vignettes featuring Washington DC, I just picked up a bunch of panels for them so those are currently being prepped with GAC and Gesso.

I've also done a new pour this morning and will do another one tomorrow, for two more pieces that have been waiting to get finished. I have many, many new pieces waiting for me in the studio so this week I will lock myself in there until at least some of them are finished :)

Keep an eye on my Facebook Page for regular photo updates of my progress :)

Because of all these preparations there will not be a new episode of Creative Ramblings next week, but keep an eye on my YouTube Channel for an overview of the show in Arlington!

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