September 22, 2014

Art makes the perfect wedding gift

For the second time this year my work was given as a wedding gift (read about the first time here). The girlfriends of the bride had decided they wanted to give the happy couple this very special gift as a group. Although the process of creating this piece was similar to doing a regular commissioned painting, this did feel more special. Because it was going to be a gift, I wasn't working with the people that would receive the painting so that always adds an extra level of difficulty.

I talked with the clients to get an idea about the subject and sent them some examples of previous works so they could give their preferences for a style, size and price range. Then I started creating a composition on the computer. I sent them a digital sketch and we communicated back an forth about some minor changes until everyone was happy.

One of the requests was that I add the details of a map that showed the place where they got engaged. I also added their names and wedding date in the painting to make it extra special.

Because art is very personal and each painting is unique I think it is an amazing gift for a special occasion like a wedding. I am honored that I was asked to create this painting, hopefully it will give this lovely couple lots of happy memories. 

Do you like the idea of giving art as a wedding gift? Do you have any questions about the process of commissioning an artwork? Don't hesitate to ask! I'm always available to answer your questions just leave a comment or send me an email!

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