June 02, 2014

Looking at my home country with new eyes...

It's funny how your perspective changes... I've been living abroad for almost 10 years now, first Texas, currently Canada and in the future... who knows. Once or twice a year we travel back to Holland to visit family and friends and after living abroad for a prolonged period of time, I'm looking at my home country through the eyes of a visitor. All of a sudden I notice little details I've never noticed before. Now I look at the shape of the houses, the placements of traffic and street signs and the cool texture that is created by the little cobble stones that pave the streets.

Now, whenever I visit Holland I'm armed with my camera and I shoot as many pictures as possible, there's so much to see and so much to photograph, I can't help myself! I love the fact that living abroad has given me a completely new way to view my home!

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