June 23, 2014

Creative ramblings #12: How to build a crate to transport your paintings.

It's time for a new episode of Creative Ramblings! In this weeks episode my husband Sonny and I show you how to build a crate to easily transport your paintings to and from  a show. 

This is all part of my preparations for TOAE (the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition) which is coming up fast! (July 4, 5, 6). I'm very, very busy with the final preparations, I've finished my booth design, created some lovely sheets of fabric that will cover up the wire panels that will support my paintings in my booth and I've finished most of the paintings I want to bring. I still have one big one (24x36) and a couple of tiny ones to finish and I have a couple of paintings that still need some varnish, and a wire.

There's some paperwork to finish and I have to pick up a whole bunch of paintings from the gallery and.... Oh there are so many things to do! But I'm getting there, I have my lists and my plan so it's all going to be fine I'm sure :)

But.... this does mean that I really need to get back to my studio to paint, those paintings aren't going to finish themselves ;) I'm regularly posting updates and pictures from the studio to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so if you want to stay up to date you can also follow me there :)

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