March 10, 2014

On the front page!

Last week I told you about the interview that the West Island Chronicle posted about my experiences exhibiting at the Louvre in Paris in 2011. When I wrote my past last week the interview had only been posted on their website, I had been told that it would be printed in Wednesdays paper  on page 10 so on Wednesday morning I went out to score myself a copy :) I was totally blown away when I stepped into the library and my own face was staring at me from the front page! I was even more stunned when I opened the paper and my article filled an entire page! It’s kind of weird to see your own face in the paper like that. I am super happy with the article, which you can read here and I am really grateful to the people at the West Island Chronicle and to Fran├žois Lemieux, the journalist that did the article, in particular. 

The photo’s they used were taken on a beautiful but freezing cold Friday morning, the journalist and I spent 30 minutes braving a -30C windchill to get those shots. People passing by shot us some very puzzled looks, they were probably wondering why on earth two people would choose to stand in the middle of a street with a painting while pointing at a church, haha! And although I was questioning our sanity at the time and you can tell from my expression that I’m really, really cold, I am very happy we went through all that trouble. I think the idea of showing the picture together with one of the represented buildings is awesome and that amazing blue sky certainly makes the pictures pop!

This week I have a huge amount of work to complete. I’m working on a piece that needs to be finished before the Articulation show at Viva Vida Art Gallery and I have a total of 12 pieces in different stages that are all vying for my attention. So no time to dally on the computer any longer, it’s back to the studio for this artist! :) Have a good week you guys!

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