October 07, 2013

New Lamps!

Ok, so I’m still stressing but it looks like things are going to work out. The book has finally gone into production early last week and the printer has assured me that they are going to meet the deadline. It’s going to be close so I’m keeping my fingers crossed but it looks like things will work out as planned :)

The giclee prints have also finally come in so I’ve started distributing those all tough the people who have ordered a book as well will have to be a bit more patient because they will receive everything in one go. I’m really please with how the giclees turned out, the colours came out great! 

Tomorrow another one of my pieces will be featured on Artbomb, which is really exciting! Bidding will start at 6am EST and will remain open until 11pm EST.

Earlier this week I added 2 new wall lamps to my Etsy store. A New York and a Montreal design, on glass, to hang on your wall and give some ambient light at the same time!

Other then that most of the preparations for the show have been made. All paintings now have a wire, giclees for the exhibit have been framed and price lists have been made. Slowly but surely I’m getting some time to spend in the studio again which is great! I’m looking forward to some new experiments!

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