May 15, 2013

Art Book Project

I am working on an art book for Discoveries; Montreal so that people can own the entire series. To help me with the costs of printing and developing the book I am going to start a crowd funding project. I had planned to do that in Kickstarter but since I live in Canada that is unfortunately not an option so I’ll start a project on IndieGoGo instead. I am currently working on the introduction video and thinking up some awesome rewards to give out to the backers of the project. I hope to have the project live within the next two weeks. I will keep you guys posted and I hope you will all spread the news and help me raise the funds for this book when the time comes. 

While these preparations are keeping me busy I’m spending time in my studio as well. I still have a couple of commissions that need to be finished and I want to keep working on the boroughs as well. I’ve finished 26 so far so only 8 pieces to go! 

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