July 30, 2012

On schedule so far...

I’ve managed to stay on schedule so far. This past week I’ve photographed three boroughs, finished one borough piece and created a composition for another borough piece. And I’’m going to try and keep it up this week as well. Right now I’m planning my photography route for Cote de Neige - Notre Dame de Grace, which is on schedule for tomorrow and I hope to be able to go out later in the week to do Le Sud Ouest. Today I’m working on another composition and if I have some time left over I’ll head back into the studio for some painting, I’m working on a piece of L’ile Bizard - Sainte Genevieve. 
I love this project! especially after going out again this week for some borough photography. The island of Montreal has so many hidden gems and this project allows me to go out and explore and discover them all. I always do some research and plan my route in advance so I don’t miss anything and every time I am surprised by the amount of unexpected beauty I encounter. I’m excited to go out in the next couple of weeks and see what the uncoloured spaces on my little map have to offer. 

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