March 14, 2011

Vancouver; a Technical Piece....

While applying the gel to the photo elements for ‘Vancouver’ I realized that this piece is a lot more technical then previous pieces, mainly because of its size. When I was creating Toronto, which was the first piece that used images that were larger then the paper I could print, I ran into some problems when reassembling the gel pieces on the canvas. The gel is very flexible which caused some size changes in the different pieces of the photograph, which made it almost impossible to fit them together on the canvas after the paper had been removed form the back. 

To prevent this form happening again I have now assembled the larger photographs before I applied the gel. Hereby I will hopefully create one large gel sheet instead of a couple of separate ones that I need to assemble afterwards. While I’m hopefully avoiding the assembly problems I had last time I will undoubtedly run into a whole new set of technical problems due to working with these bigger sheets. It will be a challenge to transplant the larger sheets from the bath, where they soak, to the surface where I rub off the paper. I had to find a larger smooth surface to use as a rubbing station. And while removing the paper from the back I will have to be super careful not to damage the gel in the process. Then there will be the challenge of transferring the gel sheet to the panel and attaching it without any air bubbles. Now the last part will be easier because I work on wood instead of canvas this time. This will make it easier to apply pressure to get rid of the air but I’m not sure this will be enough. 

All in all this piece is going to be a technical challenge that is going to require a lot of patience but if I manage to overcome all these challenges I will have created a whole new size range I can work with, lots of new possibilities. Who thinks I can pull it off?

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