October 13, 2010

Time to start a new piece!

So, today i is time to start a new piece, I have decided to take Ottawa as my next subject so now I have before me the enormous task of sifting through my pictures and selecting some decent ones to use. I am basically typing this blog because I am stalling, haha, caught myself there! I had already made a start at cleaning up my desktop, something that should be done, for sure, but not now! Do you hear me!? NOT NOW! Ok, stopped myself doing that, now to stop myself typing this blog.... Someone told me recently that you have to focus on the thing that you are doing at that moment and not get distracted by all the other stuff that needs doing otherwise you might as well go and do the other stuff because you are going to get no where. So this is me, stopping the typing and starting the sorting and printing and cutting and puzzling...

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