February 20, 2017

Montréal or Toronto?

Montréal Mayhem (Booth 529)

Toronto Torror (Booth 809)

If you like Canada's favourite pass time and you are a proud Montréaler or Torontonian you are going love my collaboration with my friend and fellow artist Jono Dorion

We collaborated to create two panels that take the rivalry between Montréal and Toronto to a whole new level.  Mashing together the monster movies of old with Canada’s favorite pass time, they managed to fuse their distinctly different styles together into two unique works of art titled ‘Montréal Mayhem’ and ‘Toronto Terror’.  The artists will each exhibit one of the pieces in their individual booths (booth #529 and #809) at the 10th edition of the Artist Project, one of Canada's largest curated contemporary art fairs to be held at the Better Living Center in Toronto from February 24-26.

“The idea was born on our drive back from the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition last year.  A six hour drive turned into an impromptu brainstorming session, by the time we reached Montréal we had most of the details worked out” tells Jono Doiron.  “It is quite unusual to see artists collaborating at an exclusive show like this, but after working together on the preparation of both the Artist Project as well as the Toronto Outdoor Exhibition this feels like a natural progression.”

“Because we live in Montréal and the pieces would be revealed in Toronto we thought it would be fun to play with the rivalry between the cities. Using the hockey team mascots as well as the distinct architectural differences between the cities gave us a way to fuse our distinctly different styles together” says Denise Buisman Pilger.  “Although we don’t share a studio space we were able to each have an equal hand in the creation of these pieces,”

Although they each work in a distinctly different style and technique, their work belongs in the realm of contemporary art.  Denise Buisman Pilger works with photo based mixed media techniques, creating sprawling cityscapes and highlighting forgotten and ignored urban elements.  Jono Doiron revisits childhood influences of cartoons, comics and animation, revealing truth into jokes and bridging elements of the mundane into fantasy.  Combining their styles in these two pieces feels more natural then it might initially seem.

The artists are looking forward to finally revealing this collaboration at the Artist Project 2017.  Denise Buisman Pilger will exhibit ‘Montréal Mayhem’ in booth #529 and Jono Doiron will show off ‘Toronto Terror’ in booth #809.  The Artist Project runs from February 24 to 26, 2017 at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place in Toronto, for more information visit www.theartistproject.com.  

The Artist Project, Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, ON.
February 24 to 26, 2017
Thursday, Feb. 23: 5–10pm (Early Access Preview & VIP Opening Night Party, 19+ event)
Friday, Feb. 24: 11am–10pm  | Saturday, Feb. 25: 11am–8pm | Sunday, Feb. 26: 11am–6pm

Our collaboration in the media:

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