October 06, 2016

3 Solo Exhibitions and a New Gallery!

Hello there! It feels like forever ago since I last posted something! Summer has come and gone and fall is gearing up to be amazing!

First of all I am super happy to announce that my work is now also represented by Wallack Galleries in Ottawa! They're located on 225 bank street. 

Wallack Galleries is one of Canada’s oldest commercial art galleries. Gallery director John Wallack, who assumed directorship of the gallery in 1965, changed the gallery format to include a stable of contemporary artists rather than exclusively buying and selling works of deceased artists. The artists represented by the Wallack Galleries include both figurative and abstract. Throughout the years the reputation of the gallery has been known and respected widely by both collectors and artists.

I am very excited about this opportunity, John has been very welcoming and excited to introduse the work to his collectors. They have 6 of my pieces at the moment and I have some exciting new pieces in the works in my studio that will be going to the gallery in the next few weeks!

But a new gallery is only the beginning. In the next two months I will be doing 3 solo exhibitions and one group exhibition! Crazy right? It feels that way anyway (not that I'm complaining!) So my first solo will be at The Merchant Taps and Tavernlocated on 181 University Ave.  in Toronto from October 18-November 13th

There will be an awesome gala event on Wednesday November 9th from 5pm-8pm to celebrate the coming together of Art, Craft Beer and Amazing Food! For more information on this amazing event you can check the news page on my website! 

From November 25-December 9th my second solo exhibition of the season will be held at the Viva Vida Art Gallery! Nedia El Khouri and I have been hard at work preparing for this amazing show and yes, more new artwork is currently in the works in my studio for this amazing event!

Third (and fourth) I will be exhibiting work at the Mission Old Brewery in downtown Montreal. This amazing homeless shelter has a 125 year history of “helping Montreal’s most vulnerable men and women transform their lives”. Located in the cafeteria they have created an amazing gallery space, the idea being to improve the environment for the clients, while also providing an exhibition opportunity for local artists.

They have recently renovated the space and it will soon reopen with an awesome group exhibition (one of my pieces are included in that one as well!). There will be a vernissage for this show on Wednesday October 26th from 1.30-3.00pm so come join us for some awesome art in this amazing and meaningful space! 

In the second half of November until early 2017 (exact dates will follow) my work will be featured in a solo exhibition as well. I have put together a series of bright and colourful pieces which I hope will bring a little joy to everyone visiting the space. 

So lots of cool stuff coming up in the next few month! Keep an eye on this blog and my website and social media pages for more updates! 

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