March 28, 2016

So many paintings, so little time!

I've been tucked away in my studio working on some new pieces. Currently I'm working on 5 pieces in the studio and, while I'm waiting for my gel skins to dry, I'm working on a couple of new compositions on the computer as well. 

I always like to work on multiple pieces at the same time, not only is it more efficient but I also find it to be inspiring and invigorating. Working this way gives me this, sort of nervous energy, I want to finish each piece as soon as possible because I'm so excited about them and I want to see the finished artwork!

I constantly feel like I haven't created enough, there's always more paintings to make! They're all floating around in my head waiting for a moment to be set free, I always feel like I'm running behind. That's probably why I tent to get restless and start feeling off when I haven't been able to spend much time in the studio for a while. 

That's why my post will be short and sweet today, no time, no time! Got to get back to my studio and paint!

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