January 19, 2015

Hurry Mr. Renovation Guy!

I haz a sad :( my studio is empty, for a little while I am an artist without a studio space. Renovations should be done in a couple of weeks so in the mean time I'm catching up on some computer work. I have a couple of commission pieces that need to get started so I'll be working on those and I'm slowly expanding my line of cellphone cases, pillow cases and silk scarves. I'm uploading new ones to my Etsy store almost every day!

I'm working on a catalog so I can go and visit some of the boutiques in downtown to see if anyone is interested in carrying my pieces. Exciting stuff!

It is frustrating though, not being able to paint. I have SO many piece waiting for me so I'm very eager to get my space bad so I can get back to work. Hurry, hurry mr. renovation guy!

I did manage to finish my previous commission piece before the deadline, just! Pfff! I was still painting while they were emptying my studio, haha! but I got it done! 

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