October 06, 2014

Corporate art events.

It has been a busy week! Last minute Viva Vida Art Gallery was recruited to give a couple of art workshops for a big corporate event and they asked me to teach these workshops. We had three large groups of +20 people who came to try their hands at some direct transfers and create their own little MontrĂ©al souvenir to bring hom with them. It was an absolute blast to see how everyone created their own individual artwork despite all starting out with the same image. 

There's a lot of preparation that goes into events like this so we had our work cut out for us! But in the end we had everything under control and the workshops went smoothly, I think everyone had a great time! 

Tomorrow we will be starting another Acrylic Transfer class which will be a total of 6 Tuesday evening classes in which I am going to teach the acrylic gel skin process. If you are interested in taking part in this class please contact Viva Vida Art Gallery to apply.

A couple of weeks back I talked about the difficulties of crossing the US border to do an Art Fair. Well I can report a tiny bit of progress on this front. I just spent the entire morning filling out forms to apply for a US visa. I have an appointment at the US Consulate tomorrow morning so I should be getting a definite Yes or No very, very soon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that thew outcome will be positive, especially since you have to pay a substantial non refundable fee upfront so let's keep our fingers crossed!

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